St. Saviour’s supports loving committments by all persons.. Once you have reviewed the information below (also available here: Wedding Brochure April 2013, please email with any questions you have or to proceed.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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The Celebration and Blessing of Marriage

at St. Saviour Episcopal Parish

Planning for your wedding

St. Saviour’s Parish is committed to support, prepare and pray for all engaged couples as they prepare for marriage.

Who May Be Married at St. Saviour’s

Any couple may marry one another in St. Saviour Parish, provided that they seek the blessing of God and the support of the Christian church for their commitment, and that they meet the requirements of the Canons of the Episcopal Church and the laws of the State of Maine. Further, all couples who are legally married in the sight of a state of the United States of America and meet the above expectations may have their civil marriage blessed at St. Saviour. Requirements and options for same-sex couples are the same as those for opposite- sex couples.

To be married by an Episcopal priest, one of the couple must be a baptized Christian, though neither is required to be an Episcopalian. If either person has been married before or has been a party to a domestic partnership or civil union, the consent of the Bishop may be required for remarriage. In every case, the Rector will meet with the couple for a pastoral interview before the wedding is placed on the parish calendar.

Marriage Preparation

Three to six pre-marital counseling sessions (approximately 1-2 hours each) are normally required. These will cover the significance of marriage in the Church, dynamics of a creative marriage, issues which may affect a particular marriage, and practical details of planning the service, including details about flowers, photographers, etc. In-person counseling is the preferred norm, but it may be possible to conduct some counseling sessions via videoconference for couples who live a long distance from Bar Harbor,

Alternately, if a couple is from away they may, after meeting with the Rector, meet with their local clergy for counseling. In these cases, the couple is responsible for making the arrangements and seeing that a recommendation is sent to the Rector by the counseling clergy.

The Marriage Service

While the couple are the ministers of the sacrament of marriage, marriage in the church is primarily about God’s work in their lives and their vow to live together in a holy union blessed by God and witnessed by the church community.

The wedding liturgies of the Episcopal Church are those found in the Book of Common Prayer, and “The Witnessing and Blessing of a Lifelong Covenant” as modified and authorized by the Diocese of Maine. Episcopal clergy are not authorized to solemnize marriages or unions using other forms. Within these liturgies and with the advice of the Rector, the couple is invited to choose readings, music, readers, and other particulars of the service, including whether or not to include Holy Eucharist as part of the liturgy.

The Officiant at weddings at St. Saviour’s is normally the Rector or a designee of the Rector. A couple may request that the Rector invite another minister to officiate in lieu of or in addition to the Rector; that invitation will be made by the Rector at his/her discretion, and the standard fee will not be reduced if another minister officiates.

Music Selection

Music for the service is normally provided by the professional music staff of the parish. The parish organist reserves first right of refusal for all weddings, and the listed fee is to be paid to the organist even if he or she agrees to allow another organist to play for the wedding. Other musicians and vocalists may take part in the wedding when agreed to by the parish organist, but additional fees may be charged for coordination with outside musicians. The couple is responsible to meet with the organist to discuss music to be played.

The Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage is first and foremost a service of Christian worship; music which would not be appropriate for a public worship service is not appropriate for a wedding. Decisions regarding music will be made by the parish music staff.

Wedding License

It is the responsibility of the couple to obtain a wedding license from the city or town with whom they recorded their intentions at least a week before the ceremony. This license should be brought to the rehearsal, or sent to the Parish Office in advance.

Fees and information form

Please see pdf brochure for further information.

Revised 2/27/13 


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