“St. Saviour’s Voice” (our newsletter)

St. Saviour’s Voice

St. Saviour’s Voice is the monthly newsletter for St. Saviour’s Parish of Bar Harbor. Please contact our Parish Administrator, Muffet Stewart, if you have submissions to provide.  Click below for electronic (pdf) versions of the Voice. Note there is no January Voice. Check back in February for the newest issue!

December 2018 Voice

November 2018 Voice
October 2018 Voice

September 2018 Voice
August 2018 Voice
July 2018 Voice
June 2018 Voice
April 2018 Voice
March 2018 Voice
February 2018 Voice
January 2018 Voice

2 thoughts on ““St. Saviour’s Voice” (our newsletter)

  1. Very nice and inviting edition of Voice. I always enjoy reading (and pondering) Fr. Tim’s articles and about all the happenings and offerings of your wonderful and giving folks–also seeing pix of those I know and of items that remind me of visits. This edition made me want to ‘beam up’ to participate!

    Love and Peace to all.

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