St. Saviour’s Episcopal Church is the oldest, largest and tallest public building on Mt. Desert Island.   Both the Church and the Rectory are listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

A short history of the founding of St. Saviour can be viewed here.

A longer, more detailed history of the Episcopal Church on Mount Desert Island is here.

The church is named for the French Jesuit Mission, “Saint Sauveur,” which was established on the island in 1613.  However it is spelled, our name refers to Jesus Christ, our “Holy Saviour.”


  • 1871: Land purchased
  • 1878: Construction of first church completed
  • 1886: Original church becomes transept for expanded church. Expansion includes 16-foot radius apse and a marble altar imported from Italy.
  • 1888: Mrs. William Vanderbilt builds church hall for Sunday School program
  • 1890: Chancel and sanctuary added.
  • 1899: Rectory completed.
  • 1910s: Parish House expanded
  • 1980s: Rectory renovated. 10-bell carillon refurbished.
  • 1990s: Parish Hall renovated.
  • 2000s: Memorial Garden dedicated, Rectory renovated, Tiffany windows restored, Granite walls repointed, roof and furnace replaced.
  • 2017: Parish House donated to Community Housing of Maine, renovated for use by Local Solutions.
We seek your support in preserving our historic building. To contribute to our Preservation Fund, please email us by clicking here or call our office at (207) 288-4215.

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