Tours and times St. Saviour’s is open for you!

During the winter season, we are always happy to open the church on days the office is open (9 to 2 Monday, Tuesday and Friday) for visitors to see the beautiful stained glass windows and sanctuary or to sit quietly. In the Spring when the weather warms up, the church will be unlocked during those office hours. Once summer goes into full swing mid-May, we will be open every day at 9 am and closed about 5 pm. There are always brochures available for self guided tours, and there are tours Sundays after the 10 am service as well as at various times when ships are in during the summer.

4 thoughts on “Tours and times St. Saviour’s is open for you!

  1. We will be in port on Sun May 20th and would like to visit the church. Will it be open for visitors and/or tours? If so, at what time? Is there a cost?

    • Hello, Beth. I just found your question here on the website, but I responded to your email last week. I hope you enjoyed your visit yesterday!

  2. Connie and I will be in Bar Harbor on Friday May 22nd, 2020 from 8 to 4 and again Sunday the 24th from 8 to 3.
    We are tendering in from a cruise ship both days.
    May we worship with you on Sunday.

    Jim Stuempges
    W3416 Lake Drive
    Montello, Wi 53949

    • We are in the process of a clergy transition, so our schedule for spring and summer is a little uncertain. We typically celebrate Eucharist at 7:30 and 10:00 starting the Sunday after Easter, and we also typically have one combined service at one of the four island parishes on the last Sunday of each month, but that schedule may change between now and May. You will certainly be able to worship with us on Sunday, bnut I would suggest calling the parish a little closer to your dates to confirm times and places. Thanks!

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