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Welcome to St. Saviour’s Parish
41 Mt. Desert Street, Bar Harbor, Maine, 04609.
Phone: 207-288-4215.  Click to send e-mail
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Who we are:

We are an inclusive Episcopal congregation open and welcoming to all regardless of age, race, finances, ability or orientation.  We invite and encourage all who are seeking a deeper and more meaningful spiritual life to worship and learn with us.

We honor and respect the traditions of our liturgy.  The liturgy is an integral part of our worship.  But we are open to thoughtful adaptation of the liturgy, especially when the result is increased inclusion.  Parishioners are welcome to question the liturgy while still taking part in it.

We like to be challenged.  We are inspired by preachers and guests who open our eyes to new ways of seeing and thinking about things, whether it be a gospel passage or the world around us.

We love music and art and the way God is made known through creative works.

Where we worship:

St. Saviour’s is located on a campus of large, historic buildings constructed primarily in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with generous gifts from members of the Bar Harbor summer colony.  Worship services are generally held in the ornate main church or the more intimate Chapel of St. Mary the Virgin.  In winter, weekday services are usually offered in the Rectory Common Library, which is easier to heat.

The summer community remains a vital part of our Parish life, but over the decades, the year-round community has become an integral part of the community.   We worship together as one.

Our campus includes:

  • the main church (1876-1901), including the Chapel of St. Mary the Virgin (1899)
  • an attached Parish Hall, where we hold coffee hour and annual meetings, as well as host a wide variety of community functions
  • a Memorial Garden
  • the Rectory Common, renovated in the early 2000’s, which also hosts community functions, parish library, as well as staff offices and the Rector’s residence
  • The Parish House, operated by Local Solutions of Maine as a residence for adults with cognitive disabilities.


We are currently in a search for a Priest-In-Charge along with Church of Our Father, Hulls Cove and St. John and St. Andrew, Southwest Harbor. Click here to see our profile.

Parish Administrator:
Paul Dickson, 207-288-4215.   Our office is located in the Rectory Common at 41 Mount Desert Street. (send email)


Music Director:
 Daniel Pyle, 207-288-4215.   (send email)





Senior Warden: Linda Foster (send email);
Junior Warden: Gail Leiser (send email);
Clerk of the Vestry: David Cuthbertson (send email);
Treasurer: Tammy Bloom (send email)

Members of the Vestry

Class of 2021:        Eliza Vallette, Pat Samuel
Class of 2022         SueAnn Sargent, Diane Zito
Class of 2023         Carolyn Reed, Debbie Parlee

Affiliated Parishes

St. Saviour’s is in collaborative ministry with The Parish of St. Andrew & John, Southwest Harbor, and The Church of Our Father, Hulls Cove.  Our three parishes share ministries and worship together on a monthly basis, striving to be a more effective witness to Christ on Mount Desert Island.

The Episcopal Church in Maine

St. Saviour’s is a member of the Episcopal Diocese of Maine, with offices at 143 State Street in Portland.  Their phone number is 1-800-244-6062.


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  1. I am curious as to who built your organ. I noticed it while atttending the Acadia Chorale Concert last week, and it reminded me of organs built by Steve Russell of Cambridgeport, VT.

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