Welcome to St. Saviour’s!

Welcome to St. Saviour’s. If this is your first visit, click <here> to get some basic information and orientation. While the church buildings are closed during the pandemic, the Church is very much going on, so don’t miss a thing!

Our Sunday Services are available by 8 am online at YouTube, which you can access by clicking here!   

Open the Sunday Order of Worship by clicking on the following link:    8-2-20 eucharist

And here is a special Pentecost At Home Leaflet!   At-Home-Pentecost!  

To see our current issue of Grace Notes including upcoming worship, education and musical events, click on this link.. 


While the buildings are closed, our Church remains active. The Vestry has approved our AA, Twelve Step and Alanon groups being able to bring their own chairs and use the private lawn area at the back of the church campus for meetings. Please contact Muffet at info@stsaviours.me to get back on the schedule.  

Once we are back up and running, you can check our Google Calendar for up-to-date information on services, group meetings, and special events.

We will be updating this website, and sending emails via Grace Notes, as programs develop. Please contact our Parish Administrator, Muffet Stewart, to sign up for Grace Notes, join our Parish, or if you have any concerns, questions, etc. You can reach Muffet by e-mail (info@stsaviours.me) or phone (207-288-4215). 

For up-to-date information on COVID-19, check out this link to the cdc.

Be well and God Bless.