Parking in Bar Harbor and at St. Saviour’s

From May 15th to the end of October each year, things have changed in Bar Harbor.   St. Saviour’s parishioners can get their private lot parking permits from the office Monday to Friday until 12 noon. Groups using our facility regularly can get a permit for the duration of those times, but visitors to meetings and concert musicians will not need them.

A letter from Fr. Tim:

April 24, 2019 To St. Saviour’s Parishioners and Friends: I have heard a lot of anxiety expressed about the new parking plan set to take effect in Bar Harbor in May, and I want to take the opportunity to speak a few comfortable words. Members of St. Saviour’s vestry have attended Town Council meetings, and I have spoken with Chip Reeves, Director of Public Works about the plan. Between no-tag resident permits, free Sunday mornings, longer-term parking in some locations, and phone-app-based parking meters and renewals, I am confident that this plan has been well thought out and will not unduly hamper our ministry. I understand that people are concerned, but it seems to me that this is an opportunity for us be clear about our mission as the Body of Christ. On Sunday, our focus should be on making our church welcoming and convenient for visitors, as well as for folks with mobility issues.

There are a number of small, easy things we can do to make this go smoothly. If you are able, walk to church! Besides exercise and fresh air, walking is an opportunity for contemplation and prayer (and can be less anxiety-provoking in high season traffic).  Choir, Altar Guild, Greeters, and other folks who need to be at church early, consider parking on the street: metered spaces will be no-charge on Sunday morning, and side streets (High, Kennebec, Ledgelawn, etc.) are free for registered Bar Harbor residents. If you need to be closer by, consider parking in the Parish Hall lot off Kennebec, as it is less obvious to guests. 

If you need to drive and are able, consider parking a little further off than you might usually and walking, leaving the parking lot for guests and those who need it.  Consider carpooling with folks who live near you. This is especially helpful if you have neighbors who do not drive.  If walking is difficult or if you use a wheelchair, go ahead and park where you need to: on the Rectory Common Lot to access the cloister, or on Mt. Desert Street to access the front door ramp (once it is finished). 

If you know that you are likely to be at church beyond noon and you are a registered Bar Harbor resident, consider parking on side streets. On weekdays, the concern has more to do with keeping our lots available for the many groups who meet here during the week.  Make sure to get a parishioner parking permit from Muffet to park in the Rectory Common or Parish Hall lots. We anticipate being rather more diligent in enforcing our permit parking regulations once the season starts. 

For our parishioners, as convenient as it is to use the church lots when you are in town for errands in other places, please be aware of other groups using the church during the week, as well as weddings and funerals. Check the Google calendar or talk to Muffet. 

While we have negotiated with The Parish House for the right to use their parking lot for church events and concerts  (with St. Saviour’s permits), please keep in mind the needs of staff and residents there. Spots along their building are reserved for them.

With just a little forethought, we can continue to make St. Saviour’s welcoming and accessible to all! In the peace of the risen Christ,